Software Developer Life: Career, Learning, Coding, Daily Life, Stories

Software Developer Life — Career, Learning, Coding, Daily Life, Stories

We’ve made a dent into the 21st century and software has been eating the world. Suspenseful tech dramas play out in the news, boot camps churn out entry-level developers in a matter of months, and there’s even an HBO show dedicated to Silicon Valley.

In the midst of these trends lies a severe lack of attention to the daily life of the developer–the day-to-day reality that surrounds each line of code. There are plenty of resources available to help the budding developer learn how to code, but what about everything else?

Who Should Read This Book?

This book is for anyone interested in getting a sneak peek inside the world of software!

  • The new graduates about to jump into their first jobs
  • The veterans who want a dose of nostalgia and a good chuckle
  • The product managers looking to empathize more with their coding counterparts
  • The disgruntled developers contemplating the meaning of life
  • The high school students thinking about jumping on the computer science bandwagon
  • The budding programmers looking to become more effective and gain more leverage at work

What’s Inside The Book?

This book is a highlight reel of content revolving around Software Developer Life.

Inside you will find 40 concise chapters covering 5 broad topics:

  • Career
  • Learning
  • Coding
  • Daily Life
  • Stories

Everyone has something unique to share. This book gathers together various perspectives and unique stories to give a well-rounded view of modern software development.

This is not a technical book. This is everything else.

Book details

  • Authors:David Xiang
  • Publisher:David Xiang
  • Publication date:May 18, 2018
  • Pages:272 pages
  • Format:azw3
  • Size:1.49Mb
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