Programming the Network with Perl

After providing an introduction to the Perl programming language,this helpful guide teaches computer networking using Perl. Topicsdiscussed include ethernet network analysis, programming standardInternet protocols, and exploring mobile agent programming.

* Each chapter provides a general discussion of the technologiesunder consideration, the support for programming the technologiesas provided by Perl, and implementations of working examples

* Covers Mobile Agent Technology, which is set to become one of the”next big things” on the Internet

* Further information is supplied, including a listing of Web andprint resources, programming exercises, and tips to expand thereader’s understanding of the material

Book details

  • Publisher:Wiley
  • Publication date:April 11, 2002
  • ISBN-10:0471486701
  • ISBN-13:978-0471486701
  • Pages:400 pages
  • Format:pdf
  • Size:2.15Mb
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