Professional Front-end Architecture: Helping Front-End Development Reach Its Full Potential

Front-end development has become too big, too important, too complex and too expensive to be treated as a mere sub-part of the web development pipeline. In order to break free from survival mode and move toward “continuous innovation”, robust methodological principles for Front-end Architecture are needed. Simply choosing a tech stack and configuring a dev environment is not enough anymore. So how should Professional Front-end Architecture work look like?

PROFESSIONAL FRONT-END ARCHITECTURE offers a curated list of foundational principles selected explicitly for front-end architecture, aiming to help architects and those vested with architectural responsibilities do excellent professional work. It presents a proposal for the role and the field of front-end architecture based on a higher level of abstraction than is currently understood. It will review its importance, tasks, traps, pitfalls, best practices, the problems it solves, the business value it adds, and its trade secrets, as well as how to run successful front-end projects and front-end shops.

If you are a front-end architect seeking a continued education, a developer aiming to become a front-end architect, a manager or engineer looking for formal preparation in performing architectural work, a manager needing guidance in hiring and monitoring the work of architects, a recruiter wanting a better understanding of the field, or a person with influence over architectural decisions… then this book is for you!

Book details

  • Authors:Fabio Nolasco
  • Pages:265 pages
  • Format:azw3
  • Size:2.30Mb
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