Learning Salesforce Einstein: Add artificial intelligence capabilities to your business solutions with Heroku, PredictiveIO, and Force

Key Features

  • Make better predictions of your business processes using prediction and predictive modeling
  • Build your own custom models by leveraging PredictionIO on the Heroku platform
  • Integrate Einstein into various cloud services to predict sales, marketing leads, insights into news feeds, and more

Book Description

Dreamforce 16 brought forth the latest addition to the Salesforce platform: an AI tool named Einstein. Einstein promises to provide users of all Salesforce applications with a powerful platform to help them gain deep insights into the data they work on.

This book will introduce you to Einstein and help you integrate it into your respective business applications based on the Salesforce platform. We start off with an introduction to AI, then move on to look at how AI can make your CRM and apps smarter. Next, we discuss various out-of-the-box components added to sales, service, marketing, and community clouds from salesforce to add Artificial Intelligence capabilities. Further on, we teach you how to use Heroku, PredictionIO, and the force.com platform, along with Einstein, to build smarter apps.

The core chapters focus on developer content and introduce PredictionIO and Salesforce Einstein Vision Services. We explore Einstein Predictive Vision Services, along with analytics cloud, the Einstein Data Discovery product, and IOT core concepts. Throughout the book, we also focus on how Einstein can be integrated into CRM and various clouds such as sales, services, marketing, and communities.

By the end of the book, you will be able to embrace and leverage the power of Einstein, incorporating its functions to gain more knowledge. Salesforce developers will be introduced to the world of AI, while data scientists will gain insights into Salesforce’s various cloud offerings and how they can use Einstein’s capabilities and enhance applications.

What you will learn

  • Get introduced to AI and its role in CRM and cloud applications
  • Understand how Einstein works for the sales, service, marketing, community, and commerce clouds
  • Gain a deep understanding of how to use Einstein for the analytics cloud
  • Build predictive apps on Heroku using PredictionIO, and work with Einstein Predictive Vision Services
  • Incorporate Einstein in the IoT cloud
  • Test the accuracy of Einstein through Salesforce reporting and Wave analytics

About the Author

Mohith Shrivastava has been working with Salesforce and Force.com since 2011, after he graduated from the National Institute of Engineering, Mysore.

He is currently 20X Salesforce certified and a Salesforce MVP. He has been actively contributing to Salesforce Stack Exchange. He loves coding on the SFDC platform and is skilled in Salesforce-specific languages, such as Apex, Visualforce, and the Lightning Component framework.

Mohith has authored Salesforce Essentials For Administrators for Packt, and he was also a technical reviewer for the book, Developing Applications with Salesforce Chatter. In his free time, he loves watching cricket and movies, hanging out with friends, and exploring the latest technologies related to web, mobile, and IoT.

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding AI
  2. The Role of AI in CRM and Cloud Applications
  3. Building smarter apps using Prediction.io and Heroku
  4. Product Recommendation Application On Predicition.io
  5. Predictive Vision and Sentiment Services
  6. Applying Prediction and Vision Services on the app cloud platform
  7. Einstein for Analytics Cloud
  8. Einstein and IOT
  9. Measuring Testing accuracy Of Einstein

Book details

  • Authors:Mohith Shrivastava
  • Publisher:Packt Publishing - ebooks Account
  • Publication date:June 28, 2017
  • ISBN-10:9781787126
  • ISBN-13:978-1787126893
  • Pages:334 pages
  • Format:pdf
  • Size:4.07Mb
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