An Improved and Robust Anonymous Authentication Scheme for Roaming in Global Mobility Networks

Wireless communication systems are extensively used in the current decade. Internet based applications are accessed by mobile networks at any time and from anywhere. Nowadays, roaming in mobile communication has become extremely popular. Mobility is the function that allows a user to move around and, at the same time, stay inside the network. The Global Mobility Network (GLOMONET) plays a very important role in wireless communication. It is a commodious domain which enables a roaming user to access their home mobile services in a foreign country. While traveling, the roaming service assures that our mobile or wireless devices are connected with a network without any breakage of connection. When persons visit some other country they have to use the mobile services. In GLOMONET, the roaming user, being in a foreign country, uses the mobile services with the help of their home country network. Mobile users connect themselves to a foreign network and the foreign network verifies the legality of the mobile user through their home network and home agent. Due to the technological improvements, many security issues have been raised up. Security is the main issue in wireless communication because anyone may intercept the communication at any time. While designing the security protocols for wireless networks, communication and computation costs are very important. The objective of this study is to propose an authentication scheme that has the ability to detect and resist all possible attacks. Formal security analysis and authenticity of proposed thesis is analyzed with BAN logic and ProVerif. Furthermore, the author checked the security of the proposed scheme informally against different attacks.

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  • Authors:Ahmed Fraz Baig
  • Publisher:Anchor Academic Publishing
  • Publication date:June 15, 2017
  • ISBN-10:9783960671
  • ISBN-13:978-3960671473
  • Pages:64 pages
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