FPGA Prototyping by Verilog Examples: Xilinx Spartan-3 Version

FPGA Prototyping Using Verilog Examples will provide you with a hands-on introduction to Verilog synthesis and FPGA programming through a “learn by doing” approach. By following the clear, easy-to-understand templates for code development and the numerous practical examples, you can quickly develop and simulate a sophisticated digital circuit, realize it on a prototyping device, and verify the operation of its physical implementation. This introductory text that will provide you with a solid foundation, instill confidence with rigorous examples for complex systems and prepare you for future development tasks.

Book details

  • Publisher:Wiley-Interscience
  • Publication date:June 30, 2008
  • ISBN-10:0470185325
  • ISBN-13:978-0470185322
  • Pages:518 pages
  • Format:pdf
  • Size:21.56Mb
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