How to Create, Market and Sell Apps. App Costs, Development, Tools, Planning, Tips, and Promoting Your App. Selling Apps & Marketing Apps.

As computing in general and mobile computing in particular are rising, the app industries are booming.

This book serves as a guide to beginners in app development on how to market and sell their apps. It contains useful information about apps in general, their types, how to create one, different ways of marketing your apps and how you can finally monetize or make money from your app.

If you are looking to make extra money via app creation, this book is for you. It provides you with tips that will help you to have a successful app marketing campaign.

Covered in this book:

– Advertising

– App stores optimization

– Best channels

– Bringing your sketch to reality

– Common concerns

– Common mistakes to avoid

– Cost

– Ethical considerations

– Keywords

– Know your target audience

– Market campaign

– Market places

– Monetization models

– Myths

– Name your app

– Planning

– Platforms

– Popularizing your app

– Promoting

– Research

– Selling your app

– Social media

– The basics

– The price

– Tools

– Tracking success

– Types of apps

– Your competitors

…. and much more.

Book details

  • Authors:Albert Luton
  • Publisher:Zoodoo Publishing creating and marketing apps
  • Publication date:January 1, 2018
  • Pages:108 pages
  • Format:azw3
  • Size:0.27Mb
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