Computer Programming Problems

Computer Programming Problems is a reference book for the students

who wants to learn computer programming using any kind of

programming languages such as BASIC, FORTRAN, C, C++, etc.

This book contains sets of programming problems in various topic

from mathematics, science and technology to business.

This book is suitable for high school as well as undergraduate

students of computer science courses.


•Presents conceptual and real-life problems

•Separate chapters for different areas

•Describes the problems in lucid manner with illustration

•Self-practice book

This book contains 29 chapters that includes around 1000 programming problems. The chapters are:

(1) Programming Tools and Techniques: This chapter deals with history and features of programming tools

and languages such as Algorithms, Flowchart, BASIC, FORTRAN, PASCAL, C,MATLAB,MATHEMATICA,

etc. (2) Programming Two Problems Using Different Languages: deals with two programming problems one

using no files, and another using file.These two problems are implemented in different programming tools

and languages. (3) Simple Programming Problems: listed a set of elementary programming problems and

subproblems. Similarly other chapters are as follows. (4) Programming Expressions and Equations

(5)Simple Computational Programming Problems, (6) Simple Descriptive Programming Problems,

(7) Programming Using Simple Conditions, (8) Programming Using Complex Conditions (9) Advanced

Programming Problems, (10) Input and Output Operations, (11) Programming withWhole Numbers

(12) Programming for Table Printing, (13) Programming Geometrical Problems, (14) Programming Time and

Date Problems, (15) Programming Computer Games, (16) Miscellaneous Programming Problems, (17) Problem

Set for FORTRAN, (18) Problem Set for C, (19) System Software Problems for Programming, (20) Practice

Problems for DOS, (21) Practice Problems for Unix , (22) Computer Problems on Software Engineering,

(23) Problems on Decision Table, (24) Problems on Data Structure, (25) Programming ProblemsWith Database,

(26) Solve Problems UsingWorksheet, (27) Programming Problems on Image Processing, (28) Case Studie, and

(29) List of Projects

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  • Size:2.24Mb
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