Coding: The basics. Let’s get started with computer programming

This book is a guide for individuals who need to get started with computer programming. It has been written to guide you on where to start your computer programming journey. The author helps you understand the various coding languages that are available and the kind of software applications that can be developed using various coding languages. The author also helps you know the best coding languages that you should first learn if you are a complete beginner to coding. Every programming language requires you to have an environment on which you will be writing and running your codes. The author helps you know what you need in order to begin coding in the various programming languages. The various kinds of applications that you can develop through coding including web applications, desktop applications and mobile applications have also been explored. You will know the best languages to use for developing any of these applications.

You’ll learn from this book:

  • -Getting Started with Coding

  • -Popular Coding Languages

  • -Where to Start

  • -Web Design and Programming

  • -Mobile Development

  • -Desktop Software Development

Book details

  • Authors:Dan N.
  • ISBN-10:1986498956
  • Pages:48 pages
  • Format:azw3
  • Size:0.18Mb
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