Business Analysis Agility: Solve the Real Problem, Deliver Real Value

Agile business analysis, agile development. Now you can have both.
Business Analysis Agility, written by two of the most renowned experts in the BA field, shows you a modern, more nimble approach to delivering solutions that precisely match the real needs of the customers.

The book shows you how to:

  • Make agile development better
  • Make business analysis better
  • Solve the right problem — get the right result
  • Don’t waste time on things nobody will use
  • Integrate business analyst with agile development

Despite our technological advances, the biggest problem is still the human one: how to correctly understand the customer’s real problem, and how to ensure that your solution is correctly solving that problem.

  • Finding the customer or user segments, and which of them yields the best, and the earliest value
  • Using value propositions to uncover the real needs of the customers
  • Using safe-to-fail probes to ensure that any proposed solution solves the right problem and delivers the right value.
  • Deploying an iterative approach to discovering the real problem, and progressively feeding the right stories to the delivery activity.
  • Understanding that by discovering the right needs and solving the right problem you deliver real value to your customer and your sponsor.
  • Doing all this quickly

The Robertsons’ approach to analytical thinking is crucial to anyone who wants to build better software in agile environments: analysts, developers, team leads, project managers, software architects, and other team members and stakeholders at most levels of experience.

Book details

  • Authors:James Robertson, Suzanne Robertson
  • Publisher:Addison-Wesley Professional
  • Publication date:November 19, 2018
  • ISBN-10:0134847067
  • ISBN-13:978-0134847061
  • Pages:272 pages
  • Format:azw3
  • Size:7.85Mb
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