Big Data Analytics: 2 Manuscripts – Data Analytics With Python And Natural Language Processing With Python

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Data Analytics With Python

Data is the foundation of this digital age that we live in. With this book, you are going to learn how to organize and analyze data and how to interpret vast sources of information. This book covers various topics on data analytics such as data analytics applications, data analytics process, using Python for data analytics, Python libraries for data analytics and many other that will help you kick-start your data analytics journey from the very beginning.

In this book you are going to learn how to use Python its tools in order to interpret data and examine those interesting data trends and information, which are important in predicting the future. Whether you are dealing with some medical data, sales data, web page data, you can use Python in order to interpret data, analyze it and obtain this valuable information.

You can also use this data for creating data analytics models and predictions.

Here Is A Brief Preview of What You’ll Learn In This Book…

  • Data analytics applications

  • Data analytics process

  • How to install and run Python

  • Python data structures and Python libraries

  • Python conditional construct and iteration

  • Data exploration using Pandas

  • Pandas series and dataframes

  • Data munging and distribution analysis

  • Carrying out binary operations

  • Data manipulation and categorical variable analysis

  • How to build a predictive model

  • And of course much, much more!

Natural Language Processing With Python

This book is a perfect beginner’s guide to natural language processing. It is offering an easy to understand guide to implementing NLP techniques using Python. Natural language processing has been around for more than fifty years, but just recently with greater amounts of data present and better computational powers, it has gained a greater popularity.

Given the importance of data, there is no wonder why natural language processing is on the rise. If you are interested in learning more, this book will serve as your best companion on this journey introducing you to this challenging, yet extremely engaging world of automatic manipulation of our human language.

It covers all the basics you need to know before you dive deeper into NLP and solving more complex NLP tasks in Python.

Here Is a Preview of What You’ll Learn Here…

  • The main challenges of natural language processing

  • The history of natural language processing

  • How natural langauge processing actually works

  • The main natural language processing applications

  • Text preprocessing and noise removal

  • Feature engineering and syntactic parsing

  • Part of speech tagging and named entity extraction

  • Topic modeling and word embedding

  • Text classification problems

  • Working with text data using NLTK

  • Text summarization and sentiment analysis

  • And much, much more…

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  • Authors:Frank Millstein
  • Pages:175 pages
  • Format:azw3
  • Size:0.44Mb
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