Angular UI Development with PrimeNG

About This Book

  • Detailed insights into PrimeNG concepts, components and features with examples to help you make excellent User Interfaces for Angular web apps.
  • Get familiar with themes, layouts and customization in real world applications.
  • Develop Angular applications rapidly using advance tools and standards with best practices.

Who This Book Is For

This book is for everybody who would like to learn or create modern Angular based single page applications using PrimeNG component library. This book is a good choice for beginners to advanced users who are serious to learn modern Angular applications. The prerequisites for this book are some basic knowledge on the Angular 2+ version with TypeScript and CSS skills.

What You Will Learn

  • Setup PrimeNG projects with SystemJS, Webpack, and Angular CLI.
  • Use theming concepts and layouts with grid systems and Bootstrap.
  • Work with enhanced input, select, button and panel components.
  • Apply countless DataTable features. sorting, filtering, grouping, and templating.
  • Meet data iteration components. DataList, DataGrid, Tree, and so on.
  • Build endless menu variations. SlideMenu, TieredMenu, MegaMenu, and so on.
  • Visualize your data representations with PrimeNG charts and GMap components.
  • Adopt best practices such as state management with @ngrx/store.
  • Write unit and end-to-end tests with Jasmine, Karma, and Protractor.

In Detail

PrimeNG is a leading and rapidly evolving UI component library for Angular applications with 80+ rich components. In comparison with competitors, PrimeNG was created with

Book details

  • Authors:Sudheer Jonna, Oleg Varaksin
  • Publisher:Packt Publishing - ebooks Account
  • Publication date:July 27, 2017
  • ISBN-10:9781788299
  • ISBN-13:978-1788299572
  • Pages:384 pages
  • Format:epub
  • Size:12.05Mb
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